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At Alliant Counseling and Education, our therapists offer a wide variety of services. Learn more about the types of services we offer below.

Marriage Counseling

Our therapists are passionate about relationships and helping couples heal from the wounds that too often threaten to ruin all the sacrifice and effort you have put into your relationship. We are trained in the most popular and effective methods of marriage counseling, including work by John Gottman and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Whether you are just starting to notice unhealthy patterns in your marriage or you have been stuck for many years, our expert marriage therapists can get you on the right track and show you better ways of interacting, communicating, and asking for your needs to be met.

Depression Counseling

Depression can be debilitating. When depression takes over your life, it can be difficult to stay motivated to do even the most basic daily tasks. It can be hard to feel optimistic about the future or about your life. Depression can feel crushing, like a heavy weight, or empty like nothingness. Fortunately, research has shown many ways to confront and overcome depression. When you seek help at Alliant Counseling, we take a holistic view of treatment, focusing on all aspects of healing, including physical self-care, social interactions, family dynamics, self-talk and beliefs. The goal is to focus on as many aspects of healing as possible simultaneously, to maximize treatment effectiveness.


Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety can take different forms. It may be that nagging feeling that keeps you up at night, worrying about what you said or did, or what you should have said or done. It may be the overwhelming feeling that there is too much to do and not enough time. Anxiety can be the fear that something is wrong, even though you have no idea what exactly it is.

Regardless of what anxiety might look like for you, you deserve to feel better. Even if you have suffered from anxiety for many years, we can help. Reducing anxiety tends to be about three things:

1. Learning to physically calm your body, often through mindfulness techniques. We will teach you to tap into your body’s natural ability to soothe itself and improve your physical response to your own worries.

2. Learning to tell yourself new, healthier stories. Anxiety is often accompanied by a story running through your head about the worse possible outcome. Healing from anxiety involves learning to tell believable stories that combat the automatic stories in your head.

3. Learning to co-regulate with others who care about you. Did you know that our bodies are biologically wired to soothe themselves using the emotions of those around us? When we are surrounded by peaceful, calm people, our bodies can regulate themselves easier than when we are surrounded by others who are in chaos. We will help you find those people you can rely on to help you regulate your emotions when your body isn’t ready to calm itself down.

Trauma Counseling (and EMDR)

Trauma is at the heart of so much of human suffering today. People are often surprised that early childhood traumas can affect them even as adults. What’s really surprising is that serious traumatic experiences are often overlooked. Things like bullying, divorcing parents, childhood loneliness, or exposure to violence or conflict in the home can totally change how children feel about the safety of the world around them.¬†Those feelings of lack of safety can translate into people’s adult relationships.

We have many methods at our disposal to help you heal from trauma in your past or present.

Telling the story of your traumatic life experiences has been shown in studies to reduce the effects of trauma–assuming that the story can be told in a safe environment with someone who can help you make sense of what happened.

Significant healing can come from learning to confront those who have caused you harm–either in real life or via “empty chair” work in therapy.

We are also trained in the well-respected trauma treatment protocol called EMDR. EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and it’s a treatment for trauma that allows you to experience memories of past traumas in new and healthier ways.

Our clients consistently rate their EMDR experience as anywhere from very helpful to life changing. You can learn more about how EMDR works by clicking here.


Pornography Counseling

Whether you’re working to combat your own compulsive porn use or you’re worried about a loved one, we have the tools you need to break out of your current patterns.

Don’t spend more time trying to figure things out on your own. Get professional help and speed up your healing process.

Our office has been known as one of the top providers of pornography addiction treatment in our community for over a decade. Learn more about our unique approach to treating sexual addiction by clicking here.


Parenting Help

Parenting is hard. Every parent feels out of their depth at some point, and sometimes the pressure and stress of parenting is more than any of us can handle on our own.

Our clients seeking parenting help and support are great people with good intentions who have just become overwhelmed by the demands of the hardest job in the world.

Our expert therapists will help you:

  • create structure for your children
  • learn what research has shown about different parenting styles
  • taylor your parenting approach to each unique child
  • prioritize your parenting to line up better with your personal values
  • increase the likelihood that your children will listen and respond
  • help you set boundaries to get tim to rest and avoid being overwhelmed


We will help you find what you’re looking for.

We know that every person is unique and every client’s needs require us to carefully review your individual situation and create a treatment plan that is just right for you.

Let us show you what we have learned from many years of collective professional experience. On your very first phone call, we will learn about your needs and help you choose just the right therapist. From that first therapy appointment, we will listen to your needs, create a plan, and walk you through each step of the growth process as your life evolves into something much more rewarding and satisfying. We look foward to serving you!