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Therapists at Alliant Counseling & Education


We are passionate about your care.

Each one of us takes our responsibility for your care very seriously. We attend conferences, receive continuing education, and consult with other experts to make sure that our interventions are absolutely at the cuting edge of the science of change.

Alliant Counseling has been known as one of the top providers of treatment for compulsive or problematic sexual behaviors (like compulsive pornography use) in Southern Utah since 2009.

In addition to our trusted work with sexual addiction, we treat many other presenting concerns, including:

  • PTSD and trauma (using EMDR therapy)
  • Infidelity and cheating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Parenting concerns
  • Eating disorders
  • Communication problems
  • Relationship issues

And many more. Feel free to call or text our office to find out how we can help you. Our client care team is ready to help you find the right therapist in Southern Utah.



Jon Worlton


Jon has 30 years of experience as a clinical social worker. Jon specializes in helping abuse and trauma victims heal. He also works extensively with sexual addiction and eating disorders. Jon is also excellent with depression, anxiety, and marriage issues.

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Taber Gibbons


Taber has experience helping clients with trauma processing and recovery, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction recovery, and reunification of families. He is trained in EMDR.

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Kristina Robbins


Kristina can help you with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, spirituality, betrayal trauma, rebuilding trust, pornography issues, and sexual addictions. She is trained in trauma treatment and can help you work through traumatic experiences in your life. She will give you honest feedback about exactly what she's seeing, so you don't have to guess about what to work on next. 

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Dr. Adam Moore


Dr. Moore is a marriage and family therapist and Clinical Director of the Alliant Counseling therapists. Dr. Moore is the founder of Sela Health and primarily treats individuals and couples struggling with the effects of compulsive sexual behaviors like pornography addiction.

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Roy Robins


Roy is a marriage and family therapist whose treatment experience and training includes ADD, abuse, anxiety, depression, marriage and family issues, addiction, pornography use, men's issues, faith crisis and faith transition,

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Kenneth Fatkin


Kenneth has training and experience treating relationship struggles, trauma, depression, and anxiety. He is EMDR trained, so he can provide extensive help dealing with traumas from your past and present.

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Rylee Shields


Rylee is trained in family systems theory to improve family relationships. She enjoys working with teens and adults. Rylee specializes in treating depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, infidelity, compulsive pornography use, and women's issues.

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