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Hi, I’m Nia.

Too often we say the phrase “I should…” But how often does that actually get us where we want to go? Why don’t we try something different, where we stop ourselves from “should-ing” on our lives. I want you to know that when you come into my office you don’t need to wear a mask or pose as your best self, because I want to help the part of you that’s struggling and that feels misunderstood. Instead, let me help you slow down and take a look at where you actually are. Let my office be somewhere you don’t have to pretend or wear the “it’s fine” mask.
In our therapy sessions, we can listen to your thoughts, feelings, and even the aches left in your body by trauma to better understand your needs and what’s keeping you from achieving your goals. We’ve been told a lot about how our bodies work, but how much do you know about how your thoughts impact your emotions, behaviors, and even your health? Isn’t that important?
I’ll make sure we do therapy at your pace. If you’re ready to change how you experience your life and how you perceive yourself, please contact our office staff to schedule a first appointment or a phone consultation. I’ll be waiting with a couch and a smile.

Nia sees clients from anywhere in Utah via our secure telehealth (video conferencing) platform.